Market Place

The first signboard was erected looking towards the Market Place near to the Old Conduit. The board took the site of an old red telephone box which was not much used. The job was done at the time Lincolnshire County Council was reconstructing the pathway close the Old Conduit and so LCC kindly installed the signboard for us led by Mark Heaton.

This detail shows the Angel carving on the Angel & Royal hotel and the first draft of the Conduit drawing. Unfortunately Richard depicted Franciscan monks, the Grey Friars, drawing water from the Conduit. Malcom Knapp protested “But the Reformation had arrived and their Friary had been demolished and the stone used to build the Conduit – you can’t show the Grey Friars!” Richard redid the drawing showing a shepherd but had trouble doing sheep’s feet so he hid them behind the barrels!


The shepherd and his sheep are now shown and the Curteis plaque

The Market Cross and the Fight! Go and look at the signboard to read about it.