William Wand

The son of a family of shop keepers he was born in Welham Street. His grandfather helped to build Manthorpe church. William was a clever boy who was Head Boy at the Grammar school. He went up to Oxford and studied Divinity and later became a clergyman and army chaplain in WW1 at Gallipoli (not far from L/C Walter Parker). He became Dean of Oriel College Oxford in 1925 and was then chosen to be Archbishop of Brisbane in Australia in 1934. After 9 years abroad he returned as Bishop of Bath and Wells in 1943 but for only two years. He had come to the notice of Brendan Bracken and via him to Winston Churchill as being the man to head the reconstruction of London’s churches and diocese after WW2. In 1945 he was enthroned as Bishop of London. He was a distinguished churchman and academic – he wrote over 40 books. Retiring at 70 he became a canon in St Paul’s Cathedral.

The plaque at 69 (then 35) Manthorpe Road was unveiled by his grandson William, Viscount Addison on Sunday 6th January 2012.