Guide to commemorative plaques in Grantham

Commemorative plaques can be found on buildings of all styles and dates all over the country. English Heritage looks after over 750 in London. Civic Societies in many towns and cities are responsible for others. Plaques connect the past and present in an immediate and tangible way. We think they can increase a sense of pride in a local community and educate about history and architecture making both more accessible to people of all ages.

Grantham Civic Society received funding from Grantham Future for six plaques erected to honour famous people who have lived in and passed through Grantham. These plaques join a number of other commemorative plaques in the town.

PC Edith Smith

Queen Eleanor of Castile

Henry Preston

Charles Dickens

Thomas Paine

Sir Isaac Newton

Baroness Thatcher

Captain Albert Ball VC

L/C Joseph Tombs

Arthur Blissett

William Wand

Arthur Storer

William Stukeley

L/C Walter Parker VC

Madam Montanari