L/C Walter Parker VC

Walter Parker was born at 5 Agnes Street Grantham. He enlisted in the Royal marines in September 1914 at Nottingham. On the night of 30th April 1915 at Gallipoli, Lance Corporal Parker as a volunteer stretcher bearer, went out with a party of NCO’s and men to the assistance of comrades in an isolated trench containing about 40 men some of whom were wounded. After crossing about 400 yards swept by rifle and machine gun fire, L/C Parker was alone, the rest of the party being killed or wounded. Despite being seriously wounded he gave assistance to the wounded and helped evacuate the casualties early next morning. During the three previous days L/C Parker had displayed consistent bravery and energy whilst in charge of the battalion stretcher bearers, almost always under fire over exposed ground.

Recommendations for bravery were much delayed as his superiors were all wounded. He was invalided from service in June 1916 and his citation for the award of the Victoria Cross was not published until 22nd June 1917.

The blue plaque in Agnes Street was unveiled by Walter Parker’s great grandson Martin Edwards of Long Benington in the presence of several members of the family. A Colour party from The King’s School and members of the TA from Prince William of Gloucester Barracks were also present. The day was significant -11th November 2011.